What Clients Are Saying...
It's all well and good for us to tout our services but there's something special when a client puts it into words for us. See our extensive client list.

"Mark helped me with The Big Three: 1) Organize my lists, 2) Schedule time to make calls and 3) Keep my commitment to myself to make the calls. In a very short time my appointments, referrals, sales and income increased."
- Carolyn Woody, MBA, Merrill Lynch

"I have over forty years of experience as a successful life insurance agent. It has been a wonderful learning experience for a seventy year old veteran to be able to get back to a full active calendar with lots of new people to see and a full plate of business activity."
- Stan Rothstein, Guardian Life

"Working with Mark has really helped me to clarify the roles of myself and my staff. This has lead to all of us becoming much more efficient. Mark's approach is simple, easy to incorporate and very effective. I figured if Tiger Woods has a coach I need a coach."
- Mike Mammini, CFP, Mammini Company

"I am more focused than ever on what are my real priorities. You're the sales manager I no longer have but need. I enthusiastically recommend you and your program to anyone seeking greater professional and personal success."
- Tom Hoffman, CFS, CRPS, KAF Financial Group

"Mark has shown me a way to be sure important projects are focused on, are prioritized and always have next action steps. Otherwise projects get ignored and inadvertently languish and don't get done. Mark's system gets it done."
- Leo O'Connor, CFP, O'Connor Investments

"I attended your keynote, read your book, listened to your tapes, you've been coaching me for a while now, and I've learned nothing new... but it has completely, for the positive, changed my life."
- Dr. Rob Gilbert, Sports Psychologist

"Mark helps identify the real issues that are hindering your performance. Then we prioritize them and successfully attack them leading to increased sales and income."
- Pat Morris, ChFC, CLU, AXA Advisors

Mark helps keep me accountable and on track for my day-to-day goals. He keeps me committed, which will help me get to the next level, while maintaining the balance in my life."
- Dave Buckwald, CLU, ChFC, CFP

"Mark Riesenberg has helped me to turn my audacious goals into high probability events by enforcing timelines on the action steps and best practices necessary to grow my practice. Mark's enlightened style has helped energize my own effort to reach my highest personal and professional potential."
- Rob Sullivan, AXA Advisors

"I recently opened a satellite office and Mark helped me visualize how I want to run the office, determine what had to be done to realize that goal, prioritize the steps, and held me accountable for accomplishing the steps. He has helped shorten the 'profitability' period, I thought would take two years to get to."
- Robert "Puma" Richards, Jr; CFP, CFS, RFC, BCM

"I'm back to the simple yet powerful things that get results. Mark reminds me of what I did right in the past but stopped doing. He helps me take a look at myself. As a coach he's my mirror. I'm having my best year in over a decade."
- Tony Bertrami, Guardian Life

"It's all about Focus! I have always heard and read about the power of being a goal-oriented person. Mark helped jumpstart me to become one. I now have clear-cut goals and a game plan that I'm sticking to. The confidence and energy that comes from this approach is rejuvenating."
- Mark Dellosso, VP, AXA Advisors

"I implemented an ideal week schedule that Mark recommended. I own my territory better, I have better control of my calendar, which leads to seeing more clients and generating more revenue. I have balance in my life."
- Brian Appel, RVP, AXA Distributors

"Mark's coaching gave me the gift of time. For the first time in many years I have time to think and plan because of greater focus and more effective delegation."
- Chris Housen, CFP, Housen Financial

"Mark has been an incredible coach and mentor for over 15 years. I'm always impressed with the fresh new ideas that Mark brings to each of our meetings."
- BJ Flagg, Owner, Nurenu Brand Marketing

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