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The following is a section, "Two Quotes," from Mark's bestselling book How to Stop Whining and Start Winning!

"Careful of what you wish for, you might get it."

"People plan and God laughs."

Every once in a while I meet people who have hit a particular goal, and they're not all that happy about it. Many times it has to do with a career move that they aspired to. They got the promotion(s) and are now not happy with their situation. Sometimes it has to do with family or relationship goals. Achieved, but not fulfilling.

Combine the monthly goal setting process with the fail forward wisdom. This means that by staying with theprocess, you minimize the risk of charging in the wrong direction. When and if you do "fail," be alert to the lessons to be learned.

The second quote is for those people who believe in a higher power and a cosmic plan. God's laughter is not at us, but the kind of laughter that comes with the wisdom of knowing what the ending holds for us. As I understand the laughter, it's about setting our sights, our plans, too low. God has greater plans for us, and perhaps we're just setting our goals too low. By staying with the process, our goals reach higher and higher. Our goals do become more of an expression of who we are in alignment with our greatest strengths to give and get for ourselves and our universal community."

How to Stop Whining and Start Winning!: pg. 95, Part II: The Power of Goals


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