Spiritual Business Coaching
I will teach you how to connect to your source. The deep, profound rest of meditation leads to dynamic, successful action. Personal success? Professional success? We go for both!

Six hours of coaching in two months that combines the best of business and spirituality coaching.

  • Learn Meditation
  • Learn Breathing Techniques: The Quantum Pause
  • Customized Spiritual Techniques from WingMakers
  • Thinking BIG: Focused & Organized: Your Vision
  • Executing the Focused & Organized System
    • Goals
    • Next Steps
    • Time Management: Techniques, Strategies and Systems
    • Organizational Skills
    • Accountability Systems

All designed to lead you to specific, measurable and meaningful results. Get on top of your day! Get on top of your week! Everything aligned with your vision. Be successful and enjoy your success. Balance.

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